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This site is dedicated to the speaking the principles of Conservatism, with a “bottom up” focus on politics. What that means is that our primary focus will be the issues of importance locally and at the state level. We believe the solutions to our nation’s problems do not come from the top down and our problems will never be fixed by some government mandate. The answers lie in the hearts and minds of liberated individuals, making indiviAmerican Greatnessdual judgments about their own lives and interactions within society. This requires us to make a distinction between society and government in that not all the priorities of the people are the playground for government action. Our Founding Fathers understood this was the best way to order society to produce the most good for the most people. The power to force good is also the power to force evil because it requires the power to be concentrated in hands of one earthly man or body of men rather then the whole population. Unfortunately our current culture looks immediately to the government first to fix any economic and social problem that arises instead of allowing the free market and the morals of individuals proper time to find the remedy. Even Conservatives at times are guilty of seeking a solution, a “silver bullet” if you will, that can reverse the downward spiral of our society and restore to us a limited, Constitutional Republican style of government. As an example, we are often told that if we will simply send more Republicans to Washington D.C. positive change will be made. This is treating the symptoms instead of the disease.

Consider for a moment the absurdity of a Conservative trying to “change Washington” when he has no idea who his own Town or City Council members are, and has no control of his own State Representatives. While we often rail against the nation’s terrible education system, we have no voice on our local school board, and as we complain about the evils of the un-elected fourth branch of our government and over-regulation from the bureaucracy our own city and county zoning and building codes impose on us similar restrictions. To be sure, we are all guilty of this at times. The issues of nationwide importance often garner so much of our attention it is hard to see past them and to focus on what his happening in our own backyard.

This results in a perpetual cycle that must be broken, and can only be broken at the individual level. It is my firm belief that these problems have been long in the making and have been the result of the people of America turning away from the faith in God that was so influential to our Founding. We must have a nationwide revival and restoration. Much like our first American Revolution came on the heels of great national revival so must our new American Restoration. Remember that liberty does not come from man it is born in him. The founding rests on the idea that humans are at once both flawed and sovereign. God has granted tocontinental-congress every man a will that he himself will not violate, either to seek or reject him, and government must follow in that stead remembering that tyrants of men are rebels of God. Therefore the primary role of government is to protect the citizen from oppression and harm, whether from the neighbor, the invader, or the society as a whole.

When an individual is changed from the inside by God’s grace, the family unit, the foundation of society, will reap the benefits. When a family is made whole and good, the whole neighborhood will see the results as they spread that to others. As neighborhoods changes so then do cities and towns, counties and states, and then nations. This does not mean that every citizen must subscribe to a particular religion in order to have a voice in the process, but that a Constitutional Republic requires a generally moral and good people to function properly, and that the foundations of society must change first before we can regain our proper role as citizens in our government.

The other evil of top down thinking is that it leaves people with a sense of helplessness about their political situation. I think it is safe to say that the vast majority of Americans now view politics either with disinterest or disdain. The nation is cast about by various vocal political minorities while the average person has no idea what legislation or government action is supposedly taken on their behalf. Even when good people become alarmed about what they see occurring, they are expertly silenced by the culture and the sense that they are alone in their beliefs. People whose views do not fit the agenda are made to feel as though they are an anomaly. Many American Conservatives consider themselves Christians and yet a statement like the ones I made earlier in this essay would be rare indeed in the public discourse, even on talk radio and other Conservative media. Why? People are made to feel that there is something wrong with them if they do not subscribe to a certain way of thinking that is considered mainstream. As a result, many people go along with ideas they do not agree with or know nothing about, or they do not speak out simply out of fear of rejection or even reprisal. In reality, if the truth were known they would find the values they were made to abandon are actually in the mainstream and a little more education about the issues would confirm their experiences and true feelings. Yet they choose not break out of the statist, big-government mold, and live out their lives bullied and uninformed into silence or submission.

This blog then, is dedicated to breaking out of that mold and encouraging others to do the same. It is our attempt to make our voice heard amidst the noise. All are encouraged to voice their opinions in comments and guest posts here in a respectful but straightforward way, without fear but with courage. We do not wish to speak neutrality, but truth. We will do our best to combat the uniform progressive thought that is pushed on our culture by facilitating the education and expression of the alternative viewpoint.

While our focus will be localized, we will feel free to address all issues of importance. This blog’s positions on the issues are:


Traditional Marriage

Economic Conservatism(Balanced Budgets/Lower Taxes-Fair Tax)

Free Markets(no Minimum Wage/Minimal Regulation)

Education Reform(Voucher System/Local Control, More Basics and History/No Evolution)

Strong Military and Respect for Those Who Serve

Pro-Gun Rights(2nd Amendment as written)

Free Market Health Care Reform

Pro-Legal Immigration as Defined by American Law and Priorities


SS/Medicare etc. phased out for Free Market Solutions

Article 1 Section 8 limits Congress

Article 5 State Convention Process

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